Close up of the New Washington rebel claim area

Although the planet is named New Washington, the Americans lay claim to roughly six million square kilometers in the southern hemisphere. The remainder of the world is divided between Australia, Canada and Russia. This reflects the original settlement being funded jointly by the four governments an private grain producers.
The extensive terraforming has delivered a temperate world capable of supplying bulk grains and processed food to colonies further out and back to the inner sphere including as far as Earth itself.

Each square is 400km across-

United States Colony of New Washington
Major Cities
New Washington, population: 486,000
Plains, population: 268,000
Macalister, population: 254,000
New Boise, population: 236,000
Regional population: approximately 2.4 million
Major Industries: wheat, corn, soy, cattle, sheep, fish.
Major Exports: bulk grains, live cattle, processed foods.

– John Wallace

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