Fractured States

Recently I have been thinking about some future war scenarios involving my wartime miniatures australians, Tomorrows War is on it’s way so getting some plausible and interesting match ups has become a bit of a work in progress.

Scenario One-
2027: After a disastrous war supporting US forces in Taiwan against the Chinese, factions of the Australian military stage a coup ousting the government of the day. The legitimate government reforms in Melbourne and builds a considerable military out of reserve and conscript forces. The military government consolidates it’s power in Sydney and begins to send forces south to deal with Federal Forces beginning to move up the Hume Highway in an effort to retake Canberra.

Several skirmishes follow with the older less well equipped Federals being taught some hard lessons by the better equipped and trained regular forces. During this time the Federal Government was formally recognized by the UN and a blockade of east coast ports was put in place by a multinational naval force comprising US, UK, French and Japanese ships. Eventually, after several months of bitter fighting, Military Government forces push across the Murray River an begin to plan the final battle for Melbourne.

At this time the UN passes resolution 675, the formation of a multinational force to contain the fighting and force a ceasefire. Immediately US carrier based aircraft begin to hit the Military Government forces causing them to fall back out of range of the carrier planes. Stalemate holds until multinational forces land in both Melbourne and on the south coast and attempt to push inland in an effort to cut supply lines to the Military forces.

Seeing their supply starting to dwindle plus having to face both UK and US forces the Military Government approached China for assistance. After beating off the US lead coalition and retaking Taiwan, China was more than happy to support with weapons, training and a support force of it’s own which it begun air landing into Sydney.

I figure there would be perhaps some changes in technology such as a replacement of chemical propellant with magnetic technology such as main tank rail guns and even personal weapons powered by magnetics. I would figure there would be at least caseless ammunition. Definitely we would see advanced comms and headsup displays as well as even more extensive use of remote and robot sensors. Some great opportunity to pit western style forces against each other with the added wildcard of the now advanced Chinese.

– John Wallace

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