Nex 5

I have my Nex 5 sample, interesting little camera. There has been a lot of negative feedback on the operating system, granted it’s a little eclectic but it does have one major strength- it’s fully upgradeable. The 3d upgrade added a 3d icon to the mode dial, try doing that to a traditional mechanical dial. By heading down this street it has given Sony the ability to completely change the way the camera works by simply upgrading the operating system, after all there are no fixed dials that force you to stick to a certain pattern or system. Could there be a possibility of third party operating systems? Why not?
The image quality is good, looking forward to putting some decent glass on the front with the adapter but latest news is you can adapt just about any lens to go on this thing. Rayqual, a japanese company has canon, nikon and lieca lens adapters. If this is the future the I would still like an accessory viewfinder, the screen is great but I personally would like to shoot “old school” with an optical viewfinder. All in all this is an exciting product if only for what it shows can be done in future models, please Sony make a full frame version?

– John Wallace, on the road.

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