Reality Bites

Well tomorrow the builders start work on the family home, needless too say its been a little hectic moving three kids and a poodle to a temporary home but all is now go. My access to the essentials such as paint, computers and time have been limited by the new arrangement but I have found time to foray into a new scale- 12mm, N Scale or 1/144 whatever you like to call it. Not another new scale you may say (you wouldn’t be on you’re own there either), unfortunately I couldn’t resist.
I have always been a fan of GHQ Micro Armor but have always had the feeling that infantry were a little poorly detailed, understandable with miniatures being only 6mm tall. With my ultimate goal being to have infantry mounted in fire teams and separate squad leaders, the tiny individual models mounted on their bases became a little unwieldy- welcome 12mm. As I see it you get the benefit of large unit sizes and smaller tables with almost the detail of 15mm. I discovered that the best and most extensive range of modern stuff is at based in the US plus these guys have some sic-fi in the works as well. I also discovered that companies such as Dragon make 1/144 armor which goes well with the N scale minis. The final kicker was the bucket loads of N scale buildings on the market especially some of the modern stuff out of Japan. So begins another round of discovery and experimentation, 12mm for my modern and 15mm for my sci-fi.
On the sic-fi front I was busily working on the GZG hover tanks and APCs when it struck me that they were not high enough in relation to the infantry. After fiddling around with some modeling clay I added a new skirt or plenum chamber to make them look a little more hover crafty. That big doughnut thing on the bottom which keeps the air in the air cushion makes the whole thing look like a hove craft. I will post some pics of my modified versions as soon as I can.

– John Wallace, on the road.

Location:Denison St,Newtown,Australia

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