Loxton River Valley, wish you were here

Well it’s now been twenty days since we dropped from orbit and we still are yet to see any sign of the enemy. Intel keeps telling us that there are “scattered elements” out there but we are yet to see them. Bravo company reported some activity around their perimeter last night but it turned out to be some locals in their pickups, who knows they may have been spotting for the rebels but by all accounts they appeared to be harmless. The country is some of the roughest and most desolate I have ever worked in, our hovers have to pick their way through and can usually make little more than walking speed which for us means a loss of our primary advantage- mobility. The battalion CO is getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of coherent information coming from the orbital support guys, he is concerned that we are being lead into a set piece battle on the enemies terms rather than our own but we will wait and see. The platoons morale is high despite the thought of having to face a bunch of armed colonists who six months ago we were tasked to protect, the unspoken hope is that the politicians will get their act together and sort it out before we have to shoot at anyone- who knows, stranger things have happened. I have attached a pic of the valley as we entered through High Pass a couple of days ago. This view was spectacular and you can see were the terraforming has started to take hold with the patches of green grasses and conifers. Further north they have used a lot of eucalyptus and apparently it looks a lot like home. Wish me luck, hope to see you soon

-Lt Paul Smith, 2plt A Coy 3RAR New Washington

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