Working with the iPad

We I have been giving my new iPad a run for it’s money and it’s is turning out to be a but of a revelation in terms of expanding my creativity. I can now post pictures anywhere I have 3G coverage, not only post but edit and enhance as well. The blogging app allows me to post to all my blogs at once, that’s right all of them. It’s a great tool for the photographer on the move and some of the photographic apps are excellent. I have been using the excellent photo fx ultra from tiffen, fiddled with some pics attached.

Loxton River Valley, wish you were here

Well it’s now been twenty days since we dropped from orbit and we still are yet to see any sign of the enemy. Intel keeps telling us that there are “scattered elements” out there but we are yet to see them. Bravo company reported some activity around their perimeter last night but it turned out to be some locals in their pickups, who knows they may have been spotting for the rebels but by all accounts they appeared to be harmless. The country is some of the roughest and most desolate I have ever worked in, our hovers have to pick their way through and can usually make little more than walking speed which for us means a loss of our primary advantage- mobility. The battalion CO is getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of coherent information coming from the orbital support guys, he is concerned that we are being lead into a set piece battle on the enemies terms rather than our own but we will wait and see. The platoons morale is high despite the thought of having to face a bunch of armed colonists who six months ago we were tasked to protect, the unspoken hope is that the politicians will get their act together and sort it out before we have to shoot at anyone- who knows, stranger things have happened. I have attached a pic of the valley as we entered through High Pass a couple of days ago. This view was spectacular and you can see were the terraforming has started to take hold with the patches of green grasses and conifers. Further north they have used a lot of eucalyptus and apparently it looks a lot like home. Wish me luck, hope to see you soon

-Lt Paul Smith, 2plt A Coy 3RAR New Washington

Well There You Go Then

A ten man Germany defeted by a tiny country who hasnt exisited for for that long and who plays a tough, dynamic brand of football- I almost felt for the Germans, the shock on their faces when their key striker was sent off was almost worth  some sympathy. The Australians and Ghana? Thats another matter- I am not sure if we can overcome their pace and skill but stranger things have happened, we need some Harry Kewell magic early to get us there.

World Cup Fever

Its that time again, World Cup Fever has hit and the symptoms are lack of sleep, spontaneous leaps off the couch and inappropriate outbursts. Australia has so far been overrun by the cool efficiency of the Germans- they play football in such a, well… boring way. In contrast to the craziness of Maradonna and his Argentines our Teutonic friends manage to turn the game into something similar in feeling to a power pint presentation on the benefits of just in time inventory management. Anyway, miniatures are on hold until the cup is won.

Battlefield in a Box- Great Product

The battle for New Washington terrain project has begun; first cab off the rank is some dessert hills from Battlefront. Ordered direct form the Flames of War website they arrived promptly and well pack from our country cousins in New Zealand. My initial perception of these was that they would be of the hollow plastic variety with a relatively mediocre paint job. Unpacking these bad boys, I was blown away; solid resin with felt on the bottom plus great shading and little rocks in the places where little rocks belong. These hills belong on every gaming table; they will be used for my sci-fi as well as the 20mm moderns and my sons 40k, fantastic product!