Australian Hover Infantry Platoon- 2301

Light Infantry Tactics: For Small TeamsUsing GZG miniatures, NAC or OUDF and their hover APC vehicles, I have put together the structure for my Australians as they fought on New Washington. Hover infantry tend to use semi-rigid body armour and carry smaller loads due to the cramped nature of their vehicles- jamming nine men into an APC is a feat at the best of times but loading them up with gear makes it almost impossible so hover infantry travel light and fast. Each platoon has its own missile, sniper/HAMR support and medium 10mm rapid fire gauss gun support teams which are usually transported in either the sargeants APC or a lighter utility hover(units fighting on New Washington got into the habit of mounting the RF Gauss Gun on the flatbed light utility hover). Each APC has its own integral 4mm RF gauss gun mount to provide support at squad level plus a 40mm automatic grenade launcher for indirect and area fire.

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