Mechwarrior Figures Get A New Lease of Life

There was a time when I collected pre painted Mechwarrior figures, I have a lot of these that have sat around for some time. I started thinking the other day that these guys would make great 15mm combat walkers and so have begun a makeover to include them in the 2300 universe-
Age of Destruction Starter MechWarriorGZG “Hammer Slammers” figure as my walker driver. The Wizkid figures are actually pretty good but there are only a few designs that fit with a “hard” military SF background, my mechs’ cant fly for example, their main task is to bring heavy weapons to the battlefield in support of the infantry. They would be relatively vulnerable to missile fire and an extensive countermeasure suite would be needed but the twin main guns and the rapid fire secondary armament could give the the foot sloggers some major punch. Another benefit would be their ability to deploy from orbit using ablative drop capsules. Extremely complex to run they would only be used in small numbers by well healed militaries

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