Drowning In A Sea Of Combat Walkers

In case anyone is wondering, I am obsessed with walkers. Battletech was the first but over the years the powered suit of armor striding onto the battlefield has always floated my boat. As is the way with the internet I recently discovered the universe of Maschinen Krieger. I vaguely remember these models being around in the eighties but check out this website- http://www.roboterkampf.com/index.htm.

Recently I discovered that Hobby Link Japan were having a sale of boxes containing twenty four 1/35 scale models, each model costing 150 yen- bargain! I received the box this morning and the suits look fantastic, how they will work as 15mm battle suits is a different matter. The plan will be to modify them to fit scale by adding some appropriate weaponry and attachments, maybe even a hatch or two. Being the proud owner of twenty-four of these guys means I can experiment to my hearts content.

Cheap 4WD

I found these guys in Hobbyco, a large Sydney retailer and thought five bucks for a hummer-sweet. They fit perfectly with 20mm but in a pinch can be used for 15mm as well, great sci fi utility vehicles.

A quick paint an weather and bingo, ready to play plus they are metal as well. They had some other makes as well including a Mercedes 4WD hopefully they also do a Land Rover and Hilux.

_DSC5027 _DSC5037 _DSC5040

In Retail No One Can Hear You Scream

Warhammer 40K Assault on Black Reach Starter SetMy obsession with tiny metal things has so far proven to be not to be a genetic disorder. Older Son and Middle Daughter haven’t shown much interest in the collection and painting of miniatures and Baby Son, although extremely interested in eating every choking soldier he can find, has not yet found time to master the finer arts of painting and assembling. All members of my family have at one time or another commented unkindly, even to the extent of banishing me and my hordes to my tiny alcove where my computer resides, they now only make an appearance for the nightly painting sessions in front of the TV. This situation changed dramatically on the weekend.
5th Fifth Edition Hardcover Rulebook Warhammer 40kA trip to my Local Retailer of Addictive Hobbies (LRAH) with Older Son found us standing in front of the well stock 40K shelves. To my surprise he expressed a burning desire to build and paint some Space Marines. Now to put this in perspective; I am not a fan of the GW product. I don’t mind the back story and fluff, in fact their fluff is probably the best fluff around but you have to remember I come from a Traveller background, not exactly “hard” science fiction but not D&D in space either. At this point the credit card was feeling generous and we begun to investigate the best way to start. The first surprise came when we picked up the rule book, thinking this a good place to start I was a little taken aback with the ninety-five dollar price tag (that buys a lot of 15mm miniatures or possibly around two or three good rule sets) although our mates at Battlefront seem to have adopted this policy as well. Second surprise came with the miniatures, five miniatures for forty dollars- madness! There was even one walker style thing from the Tau that was fifty dollars for one and they are plastic- more madness! At this point I was busy back pedaling from my “pick anything” statement to “pick nothing and we can order a nice NAC company from GZG and get some change” when Older Son pulled a large box labeled “Warhammer 40,000: Assault on Black Reach”, my heart dropped fearing an imminent house sale to cover the massive expenditure. To my surprise the contents actually represented good value in the context of the rest of the range representing bad value and they even included a rule book!
Tau Crisis Battlesuit Commander Warhammer 40KOlder Son has the power to distill what at face value appears to be an expensive an unnecessary purchase into an essential and feature laded purchase that will deliver endless days of joy and thus when amortized over its expected lifespan deliver a return on investment that will exceed expectations, a salesman in the making. The box went to the counter and home to the kitchen table where the four sprues of Airfix like plastic awaited assembly. To give them credit GW have taken what I like to call the “drug dealer” approach: the first hit is free but once you are addicted you pay through the nose. This is pretty much a standard marketing tactic but at the end of the day did I fell ripped off? I had a good think about this and I have to say that it’s a resounding “no”. Let’s face it, it’s an exciting and well put together product which both myself and Older Son will have a blast painting and playing with. We can use some of the existing terrain already in use for my 15mm stuff and it gives him an accessible entry point into the hobby. It may not be to my liking but to be completely honest, I am excited about finally learning what all the fuss is about, after all, he could have been interested in fantasy and that would have been a complete disaster!

Twighlight 2000 Lives!

Back in the day I was a great fan of GDW post apocalyptic role playing game Twilight 2000. Recently, after trolling the web I have found the new version- http://www.93gamesstudio.com/site/. It looks interesting and worth a look. This is an extract from the website:

It is the near future. The Collapse is over. Years of accelerating decay culminated in a brief and vicious global war. When it came, the final conflict seemed almost an afterthought in the wake of disease, famine, natural disasters, and economic and political failures on a previously unimaginable scale. None of these calamities could have ended the world by itself. Together, they brought the engines of civilization to a grinding, blood-soaked halt. Now, as the apocalyptic Last Year draws to a close, scattered survivors band together against the darkness. You are one of the ten percent of humanity to make it this far. Some would call you fortunate. You’re not so certain.

Twilight: 2013 is the licensed third edition of Twilight: 2000, GDW’s classic role playing game of gritty military conflict and grueling daily existence in the devastation of World War III. This core rulebook provides a complete setting in which players can take on the role of any survivors of the end of the world, from soldiers fighting the desperate last battles of the Twilight War to ordinary men and women struggling to rebuild shattered lives and cities. The staged complexity levels of the Reflex System, Twilight: 2013’s all-new game engine, allow game masters to balance speed, detail, and lethality according to their own preferences.

Will you raise the flag of a fallen nation in the hope of rallying dreams to rise phoenix-like from radioactive ashes? Walk across half the world to see home one more time? Carry on a fight in the name of causes and leaders you’ve outlived? Cast your weapons into the weeds and carve out a new life where you now stand? Will you light the watch fires against the coming night – or will you help kindle the pyre of history? The choice is in your hands now. The last words from home set you free:

Good luck. You’re on your own.


* Brand new game system devoted to realistic modern game play.

* Expanded character creation allows for a diverse range of character types – from military to civilian.

* Familiar features of previous editions such as the Character Generation process and Coolness Under Fire.

* A modular rule set to provide complete flexibility over the level of game play.

* Advanced rules for squad based combat.

Australian Hover Infantry Platoon- 2301

Light Infantry Tactics: For Small TeamsUsing GZG miniatures, NAC or OUDF and their hover APC vehicles, I have put together the structure for my Australians as they fought on New Washington. Hover infantry tend to use semi-rigid body armour and carry smaller loads due to the cramped nature of their vehicles- jamming nine men into an APC is a feat at the best of times but loading them up with gear makes it almost impossible so hover infantry travel light and fast. Each platoon has its own missile, sniper/HAMR support and medium 10mm rapid fire gauss gun support teams which are usually transported in either the sargeants APC or a lighter utility hover(units fighting on New Washington got into the habit of mounting the RF Gauss Gun on the flatbed light utility hover). Each APC has its own integral 4mm RF gauss gun mount to provide support at squad level plus a 40mm automatic grenade launcher for indirect and area fire.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


New Washington, 2301-After negotiations over export price structures, the representative committee of the New Washington Primary Producers issued an announcement to the media declaring their intention to succeed from the United State of America. Citing the poor treatment of colonial businesses and the unwillingness of the colonial administration to listen to their requests, the colonists have formed a provisional government lead by wheat farmer Liam Wang. Wang, whose family was amongst the first colonists over one hundred years ago, has stated in an early morning press conference that  the people of the American continent deserved to be rewarded for their hard work and would no longer be slaves to the appetite of Earth.
Star Wars Rebellion #8 : The Ahakista Gambit Part Three (Dark Horse Comics)Governor Max Pabst has not been able to be contacted for comment and a total communication blackout was imposed shortly after the rebel press conference indicating that the communications net was under the control of the new regime. From the centre of the capital Saratoga there are reports of troops moving through the streets, although dressed in standard US uniform they have hastily painted the letters ”NW” on their helmets and vehicles indicating that at least some of the National Guard units have defected to the rebel cause.
At this time their is only conflicting and confusing reports coming from the planet but as the situation develops APN  will be there to bring you the news as it happens.

Justine Dempsy, APN News New Washington Orbital

Mechwarrior Figures Get A New Lease of Life

There was a time when I collected pre painted Mechwarrior figures, I have a lot of these that have sat around for some time. I started thinking the other day that these guys would make great 15mm combat walkers and so have begun a makeover to include them in the 2300 universe-
Age of Destruction Starter MechWarriorGZG “Hammer Slammers” figure as my walker driver. The Wizkid figures are actually pretty good but there are only a few designs that fit with a “hard” military SF background, my mechs’ cant fly for example, their main task is to bring heavy weapons to the battlefield in support of the infantry. They would be relatively vulnerable to missile fire and an extensive countermeasure suite would be needed but the twin main guns and the rapid fire secondary armament could give the the foot sloggers some major punch. Another benefit would be their ability to deploy from orbit using ablative drop capsules. Extremely complex to run they would only be used in small numbers by well healed militaries