Bomb Dogs In Afghanistan

The Australian Army has used dogs to sniff out explosives since the Vietnam War. They have become an integral and well loved part of overseas operations and have saved countless lives-

And as the link above shows, given their lives as well. What would be a great idea is some enterprising rules boffins putting together some easy rules for using dogs in Ambush Alley (may have been done already?). Some scenarios could be-

  1. Detection of IED before they explode.
  2. Mission to recover a captured or lost dog.

Also be a great modelling subject-

For a sci-fi setting, dogs could be genetically or artificially enhanced for greater intelligence (although they seem pretty smat as is). There also is the question of animal cruelty- they have no choice about being exposed to death but I guess that opens up the whole moral quandry about our hobby, but anyway that is for another time and place, it remains an untapped and intresting facet of modern operations.

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