Selling Online

Working for a major electronics company in both sales and marketing has taught me one thing about the web- you site needs to be good.

The amount of time and effort we put into developing and executing our web site is mind blowing, check it out-

Granted we turn over a bit more than the average miniature producers but consider this: if the web is your only way of interacting with your customers why does it look so crappy? Imagine if you opened a store in a shopping centre then hid all the product so no one could see it then told people they could only pay by cash plus they had to have the exact amount?

Some of the web sites offering miniatures have this kind of mentality.

Some Rules-

  1. Photos- We need to see what we cant pick up and look at, its an electronic medium, use heaps of pictures. They don’t have to be magazine quality but they need to detail the quality of the product.
  2. Descriptions- What are they? Time periods, weapons, scale, uniforms any background info that engages with the customer and gives them confidence you know what you are doing.
  3. Payment- Make it easy! Spend some time and possibly money setting up a shopping cart that is easy to use. Customers want to add stuff, change stuff and generally fiddle around with their orders until they get what they want.
  4. Suggest Other Products- Check out Amazon, its simple: suggest stuff to go with stuff- a machinegun section with a fireteam, a humvee with those marines.
  5. Modern Design- Some of these sites look like they were developed in 1995 by first year high school students, its not hard or expensive to have a site that looks ok or at least looks like it was put together in this millennium.

Check These Out For Some Ideas- (This has got to be one of the best in the business) (In its early days but you can see where they are going)

I am not sure if anyone will ever read this let alone take notice but I need to get this off my chest.

More Modern 20mm On The Way

Being of the Australian persuasion I am always looking to buy local, so another supplier, has received an order for some modern US minis which look pretty solid from what I can see on the web. Is it me or do Australian suppliers have better web sites than other countries. Will review them once they arrive.

The Ambush Alley Experiment

Being intrested in all scales of wargaming and pretty much anything from WWII onwards, I have invested in a copy of Ambush Alley. The rules look pretty comprehensive and having browsed through the PDF I am really impressed by the quality of the production. The best part of this is of course the excuse to buy some more troops, but this time I am taking a wholly different track- modern Australian Infantry.
To my surprise there is actually some good stuff out there-
These guys look like they have the makings of a great range, I have ordered some to have a look and will post the resaults when tey arrive but the pics on the site look great-