The Influence of Traveller

Its the summer of 1984 and a group of like minded highschoolers sit around a lounge room with reams of graph paper, dice and some funny looking books with coloured stripes on them. Over the course of an evening they are transported to the Spinward Marches and have rescued an imprisoned Droyne family from an Imperial research station.
Jump forward to 1988, a different group sitting around a barracks room and battling through post nuclear war Europe, a rag tag bunch of soldiers fighting the Soviets and surviving on their wits and the ability to roll well when firing an M16 (side note to this is we were all actually training to shoot the M16 so very relevant). Later they would all travel into the future and serve in the Transtaffl Freedom Forces and battle some serious aliens that looked a little like giant cockroaches.
GDW created some fabulous universes and influenced my early life, my school marks suffered but it opened an infinite number of worlds to adventure in. Later, long after the book had been lost and the rules forgotten, I embarked on a rediscovery through eBay of the lost treasures from GDW. Much to the dismay of my long suffering family we now have a house full of not only GDW but a fair share of every other role playing franchise (except D&D, nerds played D&D) and board games from the 80s. Squad Leader, Boots and Saddles, Command Decision the list is long. Where am I going with this you may ask? This is an acknowledgement of the effect GDW had on my thinking and an admission that much of the stuff I do borrows extensively from the likes of Marc Miller and Frank Chadwick (gaming demi-gods). If you see a resemblance to their work, its very likely that I have borrowed from it.
Having said all that my major wish is to develop a system that works for me and seems sort of plausible in light of the way the world is heading, who would have thought in the mid 80’s that we would be fighting another nasty war but in the middle east? We all grew up thinking that hordes of T90s would roll through Germany, go figure?
Anyway I am using this medium to put pen to paper and actually do something about a rule set that I would like to play please humour me and if you have any input it would be appreciated.

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