A900 Does Europe

Spent three weeks travelling around Europe with the A900 and a bag full of lenses, including the new 16-35CZ. Although the kit was a little heavy it was a fantastic camera and performed really well. Having been used to the heavier Nikons the A900 was a actually a lot lighter than I was used to plus it delivered massive files perfect for big beautiful prints. The on board stabilisation was a fantastic feature especially on top of the Eiffel Tower at night, got sharp enough prints at 1/8 sec. The camera shot well up to around 1600iso above that it was a little noisy but the files were still more than able to be printed. Its is a serious camera that produces great files but it is easy to use especially for the existing Alpha users, the two CZ zooms (24-70 and 16-35) have cot to be the sweetest lenses I have ever used and product sharp vibrant pics with amazing tonality.

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