Mamiya ZD

You know, I am a sceptic when it come to these big chips. I have used most brands of DSLR and have had brilliant resaults from even the much maligned D1. Enter the Mamiya ZD
I spent a week with this camera and I can honestly say that the files I got from it are the most spectacular images I have ever delt with ouside of meduim format scans.
The camera itself has some definate foibles, the most annoying being the absoloutly retarded card slot door and the ugly, unweildy menu system but the actual process of shooting and the camera controls themselves are sweet- mirror of the AFDII film camera.
I think this camera will finally give the world a viable digital landscape camera as well as a kick arse portrait workhorse (skin tones are fantastic). If you can step up to the 20k plus price tag this camera will surprise and delight you, think of that time you first shot 120 format: comming from 35mm it was a revelation. Prepare for that to happen again. Posted by Picasa

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