70-200 AFS VR f2.8

There are few lenses I would regard as classics, 35-70 f2.8 is one as is the 180 f2.8 but the latest version of Nikons 70-200 f2.8 is shaping up to be a modern classic.


The AFS system coupled with the wide aperture make this lens extra quick to focus, hold and track. It can be a little slow to start up when active VR is switched on but you do get used to it. It works well with all DSLRs but it shines with the D2X/HS and the D200 making it a great midrange sport lens, any sport where you can get close to the action.


It works and it is effective the one thing people sometimes forget when using VR is it wont make a moving subject any sharper but it does do a good job of counteracting camera shake. I tend to turn it off when shooting sport after all most things are moving pretty quickly.


This lens is sharp. Cameras over six million pixels need this kind of lens quality to really shine- believe me this lens won’t disappoint.


It’s lighter and smaller than its previous model plus it has the detachable tripod mount and its built to that tough pro standard- mag alloy all round.


This is a must have, any shooter needs this as standard kit- buy it now.

Lens Rating9

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