D200- Wow!

Well its here and what a greta camera. Built the way Nikons should be and with a load of features that give it a disitincly professional feel, seems to me they have placed this camera right in between the Eos 5D and the 20D- smart move.
What I Like

  • Exceptional color
  • B&W mode
  • Ability to group AF points
  • Grid display F80 style
  • Build quality
  • Uses manual lenses
  • Big bright veiwfinder
  • Big LCD


  • Power consumption (around 4000 shots per battery)
  • No Nikon Capture- get over it and bundle the product

Sample Shot (more to come)

Shot this on the excellent 60mm Micro Nikkor, D200 like the D2X needs the best lenses you can find to really make thos 10 million pixels work for you.

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